Rudy Kouhoupt

Saw the following on the NEMES Yahoo! Group.
| I just received a phone call from Walter Yetman, a
| friend of Rudy's. Rudy passed away last week and
| Walter is calling the people in Rudy's address book to
| let them know. I must have been there as a contact
| for NEMES because of the time I spent editing the
| NEMES Gazette. Walter said Rudy often spoke about
| our club and was proud to be associated with it.
| The Model Engineering Community will miss Rudy, both
| as a fine individual and as a prolific and talented
| designer and writer.
| Stephen C. Lovely
God Bless a gentleman, in every sense of the word.
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Scott S. Logan
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Best regards, Spehro Pefhany
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Spehro Pefhany
Rudy was a good guy, I have some of his stuff.
What the heck ? Is everyone headed for the door at once ? Dave and now Rudy.
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Scott Moore
We lost Bob Shores a few months ago also. He wasn't as big a name as Dave or Rudy, but he designed some great IC model engines. I'm working on his Silver Eagle now.
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In case you didn't know, there's a Bob Shores group that formed up recently on Yahoo. Also, a set of bronze castings for a "Gold Eagle" (identical to the Silver Eagle) has been produced in a limited run of 12 or 15 sets. Those are all sold but I believe that Margaret Shores is planning on another run in the next year.
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> Classic Basic Games web site:
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> The IP Pascal web site, a high performance, highly portable ISO 7185
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Mike Henry
What a shame. There will be a big empty spot where that he used to fill.
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jim rozen
Thanks Scott. Model machinery meets won't be the same without Rudy Kouhoupt. A fine gentleman and marvelous intellect. Live Steam Magazine has lost its voice.
Bob Swinney
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Robert Swinney
Sad news like this always reminds me of the old George Jones tune,
"Who's gonna fill their shoes"
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Very sad. Rudy was both a genius and a gentleman. I'm glad I got to talk with him at Iron Fever this summer. He will be missed. Ron Colonna
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