Rustoleum texture paint

This isn't advertising but just wanted to see if there any other users
of this paint that can confirm my experience with it.
That is, the Rustoleum texture spray paint you can get at any hardware
I don't even use a primer with it, just rough up my aluminum surface a
bit with a palm sander and spray a good couple of coats.
Drys quick and goes on very easily.
In time, (and not too long either)....this stuff is VERY
durable......compares to a 2 part professional finishes I've used like
Polane.....I like it even better.
Anyone other fans of this paint?
You know what I'm talking about?
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are you talking about hammertone paint????? if so, its a great finish. and very tough....
bob in phx.
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Bob in Phx
No shootski. I had a length of small decorative chain soldered to a fixture, which I had painted with Rustolium Mettalic Bronze. When the solder joint broke, I wire wheeled the spot and re-soldered with a micro torch heat source. The paint didn't even discolor next to the spot; was completely unaffected by the heat. Amazing. JR Dweller in the cellar
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JR North
For the money Rusteoleum products are the way to go when it comes to metal finishing in my opinion, and time tested.
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Perfect match for the Chinese patio table and chair set that was starting to show brown thru the original. Can't tell it FROM the original. Bought a spare can on the premise that anything really good will be soon discontinued ... /mark
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Mark F
Have you guys noticed that in time (a few months).....It gets substantially harder?
First week or so be careful, but down the road it's VERY tough.
I have a reason for wanting to confirm my experiences with it.
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