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Another of those funny industrial accident screwup series.
This one's on China Air:
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Jeff Wisnia
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Same outfit that had another 747's #2 engine fan blades_badly_damaged by ingesting something. Was so out of balance that they couldn't run the engine. Was dispatched from China with #2 shutdown and the fan secured to the first stage stator vanes with seat belts from the cabin to prevent it windmilling and shaking itself out of the engine mounts. On a revenue flight with passengers, mind you. Landed in Germany and the Germans impounded it until it was fixed. Man, what a bunch of maroons. I'd take the bus before getting on one of theirs. Wish I could have heard what the Germans said when they saw it.
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Oh, Jeez... ;-) Look up "Cluster Fsck" in the dictionary...
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Bruce L. Bergman

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