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Consider this for your next pickup...

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On Mon, 13 Sep 2004 13:08:04 -0400, Psychotron calmly ranted:

Imagine the look on the drone's face when you pull up at the local Borg/Lowes for a load of tubafores and ply in one of those babies! But I'd still rather have a Mercenary's Benz. I really like dem Mogs.

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Larry Jaques

Primary market for these fellers is the "full-time" RV crowd. A 40 foot fifth wheel camper behind one of those don't slow 'em down at all.

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As if the buyers of these things will be the type who make a habit of schlepping plywood. The only cargo they'll ever carry is a drum of Armor All for their slave to swab the tires with. :-)


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And somewhere in Florida (if he hasn't joined the hurricane bug-out parade yet) Shaquille O'Neill is looking at that picture and going "Da-yumn! I've got to get me one of them!" ;-)

When you're that big a person (physically), even a Cadillac Escalade seems small.

If they weren't so expensive, they'd make great parts delivery trucks for the larger Navistar dealers...

Someone mentioned full-timers using this truck to tow 5th Wheel Travel Trailers - sorry, won't fit. They would have to get a stock trailer seriously raised to get the gooseneck high enough to clear the bed, or have the trailer custom built to fit the truck.

Or order the 'City Tractor' version of the same truck, sans bed and with the fifth wheel hitch already installed.


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Bruce L. Bergman

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