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Could someone tell me what a Snow Drill Machine drill press is used for? It looks like a large drill press, but doesn't have a quill handle and the motor size, drilling capacity, and height of table all seem to be small.

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Automated or semi-automated drilling. That particular machine is probably set up to drill a part that's manually loaded into a fixture. Load part, hit a button, machine does its thing, unload part.

Ned Simmons

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Ned Simmons

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Exactly right. I would add that Snow is better known for their tapping machines. In either case they are very well built machines, designed to run millions and millions of cycles. Here is a tapper on ebay:

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D Murphy

I bought one at a surplus sale years ago and never used it. I even got a manual from Snow. But---- it was a 3 phase machine, had ONLY high spindle speeds and its components were all air-driven. As other posters said, it is a production machine. If you want to drill a hole 1" deep, you take the front cover off, set the microswitches for 1" of travel, close the front cover and test drill the hole. It you want to drill a hole 3/4" of an inch deep, you ------. In other words, it's not a casual use machine.

Pete Stanaitis


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