Some metalworking

When it came time to pick out the door furniture for my new house I
lucked into FREE bronze handles and escutcheon plates. Unfortunately I
didn't learn until too late that the escutcheons won't work with the
thumb turn spacing in standard mortise locks. And the company selling
the door furniture would not sell just the locksets for the furniture.
So mebbe my free stuff wasn't so free. Anyway, last week I figured out
how to modify one particular brand of mortise lock in order to change
the location of the thumb turn. I had to remove the rivets holding a
plate onto the bolt and a steel stamping that supported the plate. I
turned the plate over, tapped the bolt, and screwed the plate back
onto the bolt. I then milled a new slot for the steel stamping's new
location, drilled holes for the new thumb turn location, and drilled a
new hole for a spring support I had to make. I welded the stamping in
the new location, screwed in the new spring support, and reassembled
the lock. It works perfectly. The first one was slow but the next six
will go fast now that I know what I'm doing. Now all I need to do is
drill the escutcheon plates for the thumb turns. It's a good thing
these are just privacy locks for interior doors. All the furniture for
the exterior doors works with standard mortise locks.
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Goodonya, Eric. Post pics somewhere.
OTOH, it's amazing how much time and effort (and sometimes cost) we'll go to in order to use free stuff, isn't it?
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Larry Jaques
I wouldn't have accepted the door furniture if it didn't look so damn good. And the stuff is bronze, not bronze plated zinc. So when I'm dead and gone it will still operate and look good. I thought about posting pictures to the dropbox. I don't really post pictures anymore, I just tend to email stuff. Do you know of a better place than the dropbox to post pictures? Cheers, Eric
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Gunner and friends use Picasa.
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Larry Jaques
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Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
Thanks DoN, I'll be posting some pictures soon. I'm going to be doing the mods to more locks so then I'll be able to show before and after pics. Eric
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