Source of nickel plating in southern Ontario?

I collect antique sewing machines and am in the process of restoring a
couple of them. The rusted slide plates, originally nickel plated,
have been cleaned (Evaporust) but they'd look so much better replated.
Only outfit I could find close to Hamilton, Ontario was a business in
Hespeler who charged $20 per item for a flat 1/8" thick piece of
metal, 1.5" x 3" and had an eight week backlog.
Is this price reasonable? Anyone know of anywhere closer to Hamilton
that might plate these for me at a lower price?
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Helen Scarth
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Cambridge Custom Chrome does some of the nicest show quality chrome (nickle plate) you can find, but they are NOT cheap, and they are always busy. The Harley boys and rodders make sure of that. Find someone who works for Kuntz Electroplating and see if you can get it put on the line. Or call them and see IF they will do small runs. I know a fair amount of small stuff gets put through, unofficially.
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Try Canada Chomeplating and Crankshaft, in Toronto, They might do nickle plating.
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