Speedi-Sleeve anyone shrink fit an undersize one?

I am dealing with a shaft dia of 1.326 in. The CRC/SKF Speedi-Sleeve does =
not have an application for this diameter. P/N 99134 is intended for a min=
imum shaft dia of 1.333 in. P/N 99131 is intended for a maximum shaft dia =
of 1.316 in. So I am thinking of a heat/shrink fit. Will I be able to get=
enough expansion? Being such a thin wall part, I would expect it to cool =
immediately on contact with the shaft. I am thinking of heating either wit=
h a heat gun or a "propane" torch (possibly using MAPP gas). I have looked=
around a bit and it appears that the competitors have set their catalogs t=
o parallel the Speedi-Sleeve catalog (frequently using the same P/Ns.
THe alternative to a shrink fit is to press the sleeve in place. Your tho=
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The thermal expansion coefficient of 304 stainless is 9.9 microinches/in per deg. F. To enlarge a 1.316" opening by .010" you would have to heat it up by at least 1010 degrees F. So I would say heating is probably not practical.
I have not used these sleeves but a 0.010" interference on a 1.3" shaft is way beyond a reasonable press fit. You would have to stretch the material by almost 1%, but the yield point is 0.2% as given by this data table
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Nickel plate, maybe electroless?
Metal spraying?
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anorton - thanks for the reality check. I think I'll turn a thin spacer to limit the seal installation depth by about 0.060 to 0.080 and ride on a virgin area of the shaft.
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microinches/in per=20
Sleeves tend to split if you try and do that.
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