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Hi all,

I'm getting my new mill on Wednesday and I'm building a platform for it. It's a small Gorton knee mill that needs to be raised a bit and I'm wondering if there's some rule of thumb regarding the height of the spindle bottom.

I'm thinking that about 60" is about right. I'm 6'1" and hate bending over to see stuff. I'm wondering where the full size mills fall in the spectrum of spindle height, or if anyone has any opinions about this.



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Peter Grey
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I've run a three different little Gortons, one of which was an 0-16A on a riser, one that stood on the floor as intended, the other a Unimil, also sitting directly on the floor. I preferred to run those that sat directly on the floor. They are (were) built to be operated sitting on a short chair or stool, they are not bench top machines. If you prefer standing, then your height should be dictated by what is comfortable for you. Spindle height varies by manufacturer, there is no standard as far as I know.


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