Sponsorship of village events and such

I have a business in a particular village.

While I try to observe all laws and regulations, I am surely not even aware of some of them and might be breaking some minor laws and regulations without knowing.

As such, I do not want to be bothered by code compliance inspectors and any other kinds of inspectors, auditors or whatever. I hate receiving noncompliance letters and so on. It just bothers me and my paranoid nature always results in expended nerves and lost sleep.

Right now I feel that my village is treating me pretty good. I want that to continue.

They have various things like "village golf outings" and "fire department gala" or who knows what.

If I sponsor such things, would it be realistic to expect some lenience from the village? Ie they would say "yeah we know this guy, he sponsors our events, lets go easy on him", is that realistic? Or they do not care? This is a small village.

I do not clandestinely manufacture nuclear explosives, or some such, I am talking about more routine violations of minor regulations that I might be unknowingly committing.


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