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Just had quite the battle with a clogged up spray paint can. Something
(paint solids?) was clogging the tube that goes up tube in the can. I
though it was the nozzle at first, so I tried another one.
Short story is brake cleaner will REALLY clean those nozzles out fast. A
little spray and a few minutes will make dried enamel just flakes off
those nozzles too.
It works way better than a soak of mineral spirits, which mostly does
nothing to dried paint anyways. Since many cans now spray upside down, the
old trick of clean out the nozzle with just some propellant doesn't work
anymore anyways.
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Cydrome Leader
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I'm working on car rustouts with several sprays and have been removing the nozzles and dripping solvent through them with an eyedropper or lighter fluid can.
3M Cavity Wax and Bondo Glass look good so far (1 week) in the salt water test, rust converter not so much, and the epoxy I used last time as filler had broken loose. Recently purchased LPS-3 isn't as effective as what I bought in the 90's.
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Jim Wilkins
I soak them in brake fluid then blow them clean.
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I should try lighter fluid on the next round of gummed up nozzles. Pretty sure brake cleaner is cheaper when it's on sale at the auto parts place though.
Any idea what changed in the lps-3 stuff?
I grabbed a can of the CRC SP-400 corrosion inhibitor to play with. It smells so bad it's barely usable though. Not sure what the "perfume" in the LPS line is, but it's tolerable. LPS-1 even smells nice.
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Cydrome Leader
IIRC the MSDS for LPS-3 used to list an organic amine but no longer mentions any specific corrosion inhibitor, while 3M Cavity Wax does, as a Trade Secret.
Lighter fluid works for sprays that contain petroleum distillates. I began as a chemist and can tell from the label or the smell which type of solvent is appropriate. Google is refusing to return any help on distinguishing them. -jsw
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Jim Wilkins
I've used lacquer thinner before, but will consider the brake fluid, too. I soak it overnight, then clean in the morning. To ease the loss of a few tips, I found a vendor on Ebay which sold lots of ten of each of 5 styles/sizes/tip shapes for a few bucks and bought some. This covers me for everything from lacquer to spray glue tips.
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