Tool storage ideas?

I am undertaking a major revision of my basement shop in order to accomodate a portion of my Dad's (mostly woodworking) shop and tools he accumulated over the past 70 or so years. I will fill big plastic tubs with tools for the kids (that don't fit in their toolboxes), for the time when they have a place to use them. For me, I would like to keep things in cabinets and not on walls, to prepare for the unfortunate possibility of having to move in a couple of years. Has anyone come up with good ideas for big hand tools like pipe wrenches , chisels, and files- things that don't fit in a machinist's/mechanic's toolbox?

P.S. Anybody need a Shopsmith?

Kevin Gallimore

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Bill Noble

if you'd like a "quick semi-project" type toolbox you might want to look for one of THESE *TRULY* gigantic all-steel cabinets, with 14 all-steel, full-suspension drawers. roughly the size of 2 telephone booths combined, if you remember those things. I won mine (sealed bid) for 2 bucks.

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the issue, as you might imagine, was moving it. weighed multiple hundreds of pounds. ALSO HAD, at its bottom inside "the worlds largest ball-type thrust bearing". took six guys about 5 minutes loading by hand to 'get it into' the back of the montana van I had at the time. took me about 6 HOURS to get it back out again, working by myself, with floor and scissor jacks, planks, shoring blocks/cribbing, and all SORTS of scary rigged-up krap...finally got it out and up about 45 degrees "teetering" near the prone/upright balance point. scariest part was tilting it fully upright from there, by hand, by myself, as the sun set,

15 miles from home.

"one wrong move, and bubba's legs are pancakes"

this one came out of the local courthouse, it formerly held courthouse records, I think on VHS, (or some other kind of tapes) just before they 'moved over' to 'all digital' records

intend to make a 'snap-on like' toolbox, or TWO out of these drawers. still lack the 1x3 and 2x3 rect. steel tubes I'd like for the frames, though...

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