Treaded plumbing joints that don't leak?

Think it's possible??
Goodgawd... what a hassle.
And 1/2 brass, at that!!
I used to be a fair half-assed plumber, and ahm wunnerin if the problem
isn't these cheap chinese fittings. But American fittings are priced thru
the effing roof!!
What I'm "reduced to" is the old Hercules Pro Dope (mebbe w/ teflon
additive), AND...... Thread!! Literally thread, cuz the plumber's string I
got just seems to be pushed out of the way.
Never had these problems before.
Admittedly I'm using Channel-locks on this 1/2 plumbing, but this did not
cause a problem before, either, unless I'm just getting weaker, as well as
dumber, with age. Goodgawd....
Mr. P.V.'d
formerly Droll Troll
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Proctologically Violated©®
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I do a few hundred fittings a year -- low-pressure hydraulics, air, water. Never had a problem. However, I never squeezed my fittings outta round with Channel-Loks, either.
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
Try "RectoRseal". Comes with or without Teflon. Seems to work well, even with bad threads, chinese or otherwise.
Proctologically Violated©® wrote:
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Billy Hiebert
You really think 'Locks can make a brass fitting out of round? Moreso than a pipe wrench?
Also, never heard of RectoSeal--sounds right up my, uh, alley, tho. :) A HD item? Specialty? -- Mr. P.V.'d formerly Droll Troll
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Proctologically Violated©®
I like a strap wrench, and yes, I am gettin' weaker as the years go by. Maybe it's a torque thing...
Doug Goncz Replikon Research Falls Church, VA 22044-0394
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Teflon tape and a strap wrench on the brass? Just a thought...
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