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New web catalog features: U-Build Metal Turning lathes & Accessories

Milling & Grinding Attachments, Low Cost EDM, Dual Tool Post Grinde (Internal & External), Hot Dip Galvanizing (for the home shop), Hom Shop Etching & Electroplating, Shadow Comparator (Reveals fault machining or grinding), 3-D Shop Pantograph (This hybrid-pantograp features an adjustable-height stepped table that allows you to trac around 3-D objects), Sheet Metal Brakes, Metal Shaper, Metal Benders English Wheel, Small Lathe Taper Attachment, Step-Chucks, Vapor Zon Grinding, Micrometer Work Holder for Bench Grinder Steam/Cannon/Models, Heavy Duty Spring-Winder, Compound Drill-Pres Milling Table, Two Speed Bandsaw (Cuts metal or wood), Drill-Pres Router Chuck, Portable Vise Punch, Abrasive Cutoff Machine, New 200 Projects just added. Much More! Please visit catalog at

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and see for yourself

-- Poorman

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Their drawing of this shows it in a drill press. Must be using the quill for feed control. How reasonable is it for a person to manually control EDM feed? Bob

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Bob Engelhardt

It looks like all the stuff in the "Poorman's" catalog have been reprinted from old magazines. Every machine tool shown looked to be at least 50 years old. More likely 80 years old. And for what the "Poorman" charges for these antiquated plans it won't take very many sales before he has to be called "Richman". ERS

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Eric R Snow

On Wed, 04 Jan 2006 16:56:01 -0800, with neither quill nor qualm, Eric R Snow quickly quoth:

Do as I (and no doubt many others) did and just plonk the bastard.

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Larry Jaques

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