Update on conduit install in sub panel

I started to drill a hole with my 2 1/2 inch hole saw last night into the top plate. I realized it is probably a double 2x4 top plate. Can I just take a saws all and after drilling a hole completely through with a long drill bit use the saw to cut a 2.5 inch x 4 inch square or so in the top plate so I can fish the conduit down?

I also noticed that the people that put my small heat pump/air conditioning unit for my bonus room went through the top plate in about the same place I need to drill. They ran a 12-2 and 10- 2 wire into the wall. (No conduit). Inside that cavity is the back of a shower enclosure. When I looked, the back of the shower enclosure has a metal strip attached to it all the way down with scres pointing out. (I guess for the enclosure to attache to a wall or somethign.). They are not sticking into anything. I am wondering while I am doing all this if I should run those 2 cables in conduit to keep them away from the screws or am I worryign over nothing?

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Drill as deep as you can with the hole saw, use a screw driver to pry out the slug. Then drill some more. Run a drywall screw in a few threads for a handle to lift out the slug if needed.

Thank You, Randy

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Ayup. About the only easy way to do it.


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Gunner Asch

The hole saw bottoms out when the waste is still attached, eh? Just pull off the hole saw and (with a chisel) chip out the waste, then have at it again. You get better chip clearance if you do this in several stages.

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