Want to Swap Knurling tool

I just got a knurling tool for my lathe but it is too big. The shank
is 1/2" X 1 1/8". My tool holder accepts 3/8" X 3/4". Before I
grind it down, I thought I would check to see if any one has what I
need and wants to swap. The tool is a No1-K Armstrong and is used
but almost like new. No chipped teeth. Want one in like condition.
wabate at verizondotnet
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Why don't you mill down the shank to fit your toolpost?
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Or, as an alternate idea, weld a shank that's the proper size along side the original----one that fits your holder. That's how I use mine.
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Harold and Susan Vordos
If he silver solders the shank on, he could remove it easily if he later upgrades to a bigger lathe.
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