Wanted: Clausing 5900 series lathe part

Howdy all,
I own a Clausing 5912 vari-speed 12x36" 1HP lathe. The lever that
switches gears on the quick-change threading gearbox is broken off right
where the spring-loaded knob attaches. If anyone has a spare from a parts
lathe, I would like to buy it. This part is available from Clausing, but is
quite expensive, as I recall. I might be able to make a new end for the
broken lever, but would prefer to just replace it.
Darron R. Birgenheier
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Darron R. Birgenheier
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Do you have both parts? Its not all that hard to weld it back together.
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Gunner Asch
It looks like that broke off decades ago on my 5914, and someone brazed it back together.
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Clark Magnuson
According to Darron R. Birgenheier :
Based on the parts list from April 1 1998, it is not stocked, or at least was not at that time.
I believe that the QC gearbox is the same as on my 5418, which would make the lever in question part number 041-021. Along with that, you would need the knob (441-007), the sleeve (702-006) the spring C-3328) and the pin (562-001), as these should all be part of what broke off.
Other parts, which should still be in the QC box are the plate (Q-554), the two gears (Q-515 and 341-003) the shaft (Q-516) the collar (Q-454) and three groove pins (also one in the broken off part) and three screws, but those are available from many suppliers).
You might also want to look for complete QC gearboxes on eBay.
Good Luck, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
I can sell you a complete gearbox ass'y for $200. I have a 5900 series I am parting out but don't want to get down to selling pins and screws individually. The machine is missing the cross slide and compound so needs to become a donor machine. Leigh at MarMachine (949) 645-7601
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Thanks for all the responses. I have contacted a few dealers, and am awaiting responses.
I may end up trying to repair the broken off end, though I don't have the parts that are missing. Problem is, I need a lathe to make the missing knob parts, and this, my only lathe, won't feed without the missing parts. I suppose I can feed manually to make the part, and hope for the best.
I called Clausing, and they do have the lever. They call the cast-iron lever the "tumbler bracket", part number 041-253. The price is $171.42. The "tumbler knob assembly" is part # 4900-25. I didn't get the price on that. It's nice that they still support these old machines, but ouch. I paid $600 for the whole lathe, in good shape, with some tooling. The vari-speed drive is even in great condition.
The worst part is, I have seen the exact part I need on eBay, at least once. But I was too distracted to actually place a winning bid.
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Darron R. Birgenheier
Another way to look at it is: You paid 600 for the lathe. Would you have paid 1800? Probably not.
Would you have paid 771.42 for it? Probably.
So the gearbox for 200 is lookin pretty good right now. Plus, you can be comfortable it will be "as advertised" as it's being offered by a regular poster.
"Chip" in Columbus. Clausing lathe owner
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Chip Chester

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