Warning about dropbox virii


There are virii in the dropbox.

Steve is trying to keep them out, but the following five came in since

2:00 PM today. (It is now about 9:10 PM.)

He just finished deleting the following ones:

thank_you.pif document_all.pif your_details.pif your_document.pif wicked_scr.scr

Note that for *any* file on the dropbox with a ".pif" extension, or a ".scr" extension (as well as a ".exe" extension) -- *Don't* download it. It is almost certainly a virus.

His system tries to block them, but somehow some sneak through.


Good Luck, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols
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I keep meaning to reinstall windows (been meaning to for a few years now). Are there any real uses for PIF files any more? I do recall them being almost mandatory for win 3.1.

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Ian Stirling

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