Way OT: 2-year checkin

I reported to Unity Hospital today for an ultrasound, followed by a
nuclear stress test. Spent most of the afternoon there. Far as I
know, both procedures were prescribed as a routine cardiac followup.
The nuke stress test is where they introduce some radioactive stuff IV
and then take pictures with a device somewhat resembling an MRI
except that the sensor here is picking up gamma rays from my heart and
coronary arteries. It's a servo-driven arrangement that skates
scarey close for one who is mildly claustrophobic as I am. Imagine
being the piece of work on the table of a CNC mill.
I thought the "stress" part would mean that I'd have to run uphill
thru ankle-sucking mud with 80-lb combat load wearing a gas mask and
delivering live fire ... or at least a treadmill or elliptical
experience of comparable discomfort and respiratory distress. Nah,
they did the stress part with drugs because of the ICD. They
plugged a horse syringe into my IV tap, said syringe driven by a
plastic outer enclosure clearly battery-powered and
microprocessor-controlled to advance the plunger at a prescribed
rate. I'd have loved a peek at the actuator in that gadget. The
nurse asked, "doin' OK?" I said sure, but "aren't you supposed to
ask me if I have any last words at this point?" as the device ticked
away driving that plunger home as in an execution.
I felt slightly gaspy briefly but it abated within a minute. That's
my new norm. I can get slightly gaspy walking to the end of the
driveway and then go 3 more miles, some of it uphill, with no problem
at all and could do another 3 if I could get motivated to do so.
I actually had three gamma ray scans, with a visit to the caf
permitted after the first one. I was hungry, having fasted since
previous midnight. No morning coffee. Arrggghh!
Read the labels on the sandwiches available, put up by the hospital
food service according to the labels. Italian deli wrap looked
good. Read that label. 2130 mg of sodium. That one sandwich
exceeds the entire daily allocation of sodium for me, and pretty much
anyone who cares to pay attention. I am not on a draconian
sodium-limited diet. That's worse than McDonald's or Wendy's, a
freakin' sodium bomb in the hospital caf!
I found another selection. Mary had brought a Fuji apple so we shared
that. She eats an apple like a normal person, I must dissect it with
my pocket knife, the stainless Gentleman's Folder recently rescued
from Lake Minnewaska. Presentation is important to me, screw you
if you can't take a joke! There's a sign on the door of the
hospital prohibiting guns but they don't say nothin' about blades.
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Don Foreman
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On Sat, 12 Jun 2010 01:35:40 -0500, Don Foreman wrote the following:
Huh? But I thought your IUD, er...IED, um, that thing in your chest was battery powered.
Ooh, that is a scary thought!
Wow, such fun. (Eek!)
2nd winds?
A friend sent this dare via email a couple months ago. Ghastly! --ship-- Dear friend
I am gathering together three free meals for you alone but only if you manage consume them all within 5 hours and live.
Beef Back Ribs from Claim Jumper = 4,301 calories and 7,623 mg of salt
Jalapeno Smokehouse Burger from Chili's = 2,130 calories and 6,460 mg of salt.
Fresh Mex Sampler from Chevys = 2,560 calories and 4,130 mg of salt.
Say hello to your cardiologist for me. --snip--
Shouldn't these meals require a doctor's prescription or written OK? How, in good conscience, can a hospital -sell- crap like that?!?
Yer one sly bastid, Don. ;)
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Larry Jaques
I am assuming that is a heart ultrasound? Recently I had one of those to check my heart since I run a battle with hypertension. Of course after I paid the hospital (deductable) I get a bill from a cardioligist that reviews the data.
A few days later, sadly after the first of the year so my deductables reset, I get a renal ultrasound. That one gets get read by an out of network radiologist. I'm still trying to understand that one, I didn't get shot up or drink anything.
I'd love to know what it is they shot you up with.
At your age, that sounds like you are doing fine.
I know the feeling. Last time I was in, I couldn't get in in the morning early enough to make it to work on a 1/2 day vacation and their instructions are writting assuming the 8 hours they are open to do the test has the same previous day cut off point on food and beverage.
I'm not much of Bloomberg fan but this salting the crap out of food is getting out of hand. I like my salt ON my food, not embedded in it. I get a stronger taste that way with less salt. Then having to pay extra for an ingredient left out (low salt) makes me wonder if there is any shame left in marketers.
How do you eat BBQ ribs?
Wes -- "Additionally as a security officer, I carry a gun to protect government officials but my life isn't worth protecting at home in their eyes." Dick Anthony Heller
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What's that Lassie? You say that Don Foreman fell down the old rec.crafts.metalworking mine and will die if we don't mount a rescue by Sat, 12 Jun 2010 01:35:40 -0500:
I would hope not. Would make it quite difficult for the surgeons.
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to check my heart
pital (deductable)
et, I get a renal
=A0I'm still trying to
Usually it's thallium (thallium stress test).
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Denis G.
Infrequently, with great gusto. A decent meal of ribs blows two days of the sodium budget. That isn't a reason not to enjoy, not at all. Just minimize sodium intake for the following day or two. Life without enjoyment isn't worth bothering with.
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