What Is It ?

Its a ratcheting ice cream cone with 6 spiraled groves in it with Erie
PA USA on it. The handle is about 1.5' long and has two springed pins
with arrows just like the advancing mechanism on a shaper. It looks
like its for tightening pipe from the I.D. Sorry no pictures. Just
thought I'd ask before it ends up being a $5 part of yard art. The old
style ice cream cone part is about 10% bigger than a real ice cream
cone and has a free spinning handle on the back side.
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It is for de-burring the insides of pipe after cutting. It is usually used with a pipe threading machine.
They cost about $150 new.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
I fully agree, that's exactly what it is.
Dennis showed up at my place today with a few hundred pounds of welding rod. Some pretty respectable, in spite of your description of rather poor condition. Can't thank you enough, bud! I can now practice my vertical up!
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Harold & Susan Vordos
That was my first thought too - if Mr. SW can put up a picture that would clinch it.
The handle with ratchet pins would be protective in case someone threw the power threader into reverse while deburring the cut end of the pipe, and/or for use manually driving the handle if a power threader was not available. Ridgid still uses the 'spring pins with ratchet dogs and arrows' on their hand pipe threader handles.
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Bruce L. Bergman
Thanks , they had a pipe threader about the same age and size for $15 at the swap meet. It had only two dies for it and I need a cart next time. There was a lot of cheap heavy stuff that I would have bought , but I wasn't about to carry it all. Like a real sized old maul for $5 that would get used. The wagon I gave away to the friend that went with me today would be perfect if there weren't so many people.
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If the spiral grooves have a real twist it's more than likely to be a Rigid 2-5 Spiral Reamer:
"For enlarging holes in conduit boxes and reaming soil pipe. Cuts holes in sheet metal smoothly and reams pipe fast, smoothly, easily and cleanly. ` Blades feed into metal at light pressure." Jack
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Sounds like an ID pipe reamer for cleaning up the ends of pipe.
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