What is it? CCXVIII

One clue for this set, the patent date marked on the first object is incorrect.

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1215. Specific purpose was to sell it and make money for the company. ;) 1216. Cannister for film reels. 1217. Clapboard slick. 1218. Possibly a paint pot. 1219. No idea. Looks like a lens setup, but I don't think lens optics have anything to do with it. 1220. Probably double-ended pliers for stretching canvases for painting. R
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Hehehe Ever tried putting a match to steel wool?

-- Jeff R.

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Jeff R.

The fine stuff burns. What was found in the bowl was described as steel wool. If it was in there when there was fire in the bowl, I guess it didn't burn.

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Bill Rider
1220 is a pair of plow share tongs. They hold both ends of the share at the same time. I have a pair that are almost identical. They make the share (shear) much easier to hold under the power hammer when sharpening.

Pete Stanaitis


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