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and again my silly guesses...

1097 first guess was ... prehistoric beyblade. second guess ... some thingy to measure the weigth of fluid, or to measure concentration of acid

1098 no idea

1099 hook for whalehunters, or for mooving boxes. second guess ... for getting the last empty seat in the subway?

1100 i have some similar cases, for optical instruments like a "distance meter" (oops, right word?), or bulb flashlight

1101 a tool for rivets?

1102 part of a weighing scale?

greetings from germany chris

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Christian Stü
1097 ? While it superficially resembles a hygrometer, the scale markings are upside down. It is intended to be used with the (crude) point pointing up.

1099 Boathook tip or fireman's lance tip.

1100 Looks like a case for a lens for an old camera.

1102 Tools for a bending brake. But why gold plated? Perhaps for a retirement gift for an old machine operator.

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Alexander Thesoso
1100: Lens case for spare lenses for 35 mm camera with interchangeable lenses (Leica, Contax, etc.). Loop was so pouch could be hung on photo equipment bag.... Joel in Florida (I have a bunch of these with screw mount Leica lenses for my old black body rangerfinder Cannon - any interest?)
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1097 Tachometer The triangular tip rides inside a rotating hollow shaft or centre. 1098 Obviously some sort of ratchet-ish rack for things that are twisted. Look at the way the hooks are opposed between side. There's no overall twist on the stand though, as the base is small. Used in ropemaking perhaps, to hold the individual lays apart when splicing? 1099 Easy

1100 Camera lens case from the '50s or '60s. Note the loop on the side for threading the camera strap through. Looks small, so it might be Leica size, or cine.

1101 For squeezing something. Shotgun case reloading, to form the top crimp?

1102. Modern, cheap sheetmetal folders, used in a vice. As they've got tiny magnets on, they're probably from Lee Valley 8-)

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Andy Dingley

1098 I think is yet another fireplace potholder.

Anyway, the way the hooks are set, you place the rod on one hook, and under the opposite hook, and you can move the pot up and down by changing what hooks the rod is set into.


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1097 is a mechanical contact type tachometer 1098 is 1099 is the pike off a fireman's pole 1100 is a case for a camera lens 1101 1102 is a set of "metal" formers used in a vise in lieu of a break

Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.

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Brian Lawson

# 1100 Not sure it is a lens case. It appears too small. My guess it is for carrying a spare roll of 35mm film. I had a couple of those


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I feel really stupid about 1099. I've seen one, I know that I know what it is, and I can't dredge either the name or the purpose out of my memory.

1100, though, is a case for a lens of some sort, perhaps a camera lens, perhaps one for some sort of precision mechanism. Most likely a camera
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Barbara Bailey

Reading that, I wonder if it's for a Minox?

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Barbara Bailey

Uh, it does bear a loose resemblance to a hand loading tool, but the ram is dished in. It's not a roll crimp die by any means. It looks to have the proper cut for a shell base to be slid in. There is some lettering (I think) next to the pivot pin.

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Louis Ohland
1097 - float for specific gravity hydrometer. Don't know what calibration.

1099 - head for fireplace poker

1100 - holder for roll of 35-mm film. Fits on camera strap.

1101 - plier for installing/removing cleco fasteners (temporary fasteners that go through holes drilled in sheet metal -- common in aircraft industry).


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1099. Could be a tip for a fireman's pole, as mentioned, or for a pike pole used by lumbermen for sorting floating logs.

John Martin

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John Martin
1097--Could be a depth gauge of some sort, but I think it is probably a hardness tester for something soft, like rubber, or maybe mattresses. 1099--Obviously goes on a pole, and I think my grammar school teacher used one to open and close the transom over the classroom door. 1100--Definitely a 35mm film carrier. 1101--I think Norte is right. I made one out of a pair of pliers once.
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Leo Lichtman

Hmmm...this looks like an easier set than sometimes. I have ideas about more than one or two.

1097--would appear to be a specific gravity (relative density) measure for liquids; drop it in, and the scale bobs to the right level. Apparently, it's calibrated in thousandths (e.g. 1000 = unity).

1098--Wagon jack. The rod is alternately levered up the front and back prongs of the stand to lift the load.

1099--The business end of a peavey, which is used for manhandling logs. There'd generally be a wooden handle maybe four or five feet long attached, and a hinged hook attached to the handle around a foot from this end to clamp down against the side prong when rolling logs.

1100--a case for a camera lens

1101--Clearly a caulking gun for dollhouse windows. You can't have a drafty dollhouse, after all; it wouldn't be right. Okay, I'm clueless on this one.

1102--Sheet metal bender blocks, similar to those sold by Lee Valley (but maybe finished in a different color). The two pieces are magnetically attached to vice jaws, and metal clamped between them to impart whatever angle you want to it, so long as its not more than 90 degrees. I have a set, but haven't needed to use them yet, despite wishing for something similar several times before I got them.

Now to see other people's ideas...

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Andrew Erickson

1099 is the end of a window opener and closer for high windows like they had in school....well when I was a kid anyway.


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1097 = hygrometer, for testing the specific gravity and 1098 = jack hence the alcohol content of beer or wine. 1099 = peavy, for moving logs. 1100 = lens case 1101 = ammo loading press 1102 = for bending small pieces of metal, using a bench vise for a power source. Note the magnets and the lugs to hold the fixture aligned with the tops of the vise jaws.
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Ferd Farkel

It's too sharp. R.H. used a window opener previously, image #374:

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Marc Dashevsky

1097: Tachometer

1099: Business end of a pike pole

1102: Metal bender for use in a vice. See
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Dave Balderstone

1099 Pike Pole tip, may also be known as a boat hook.

1100 Camera lens case

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Steve R.

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