I would like to buy, beg, or trade for an arbor wrench for a friend of mine
who has a wood lathe. The wrench needed would have a 1 1/4" opening on one
end, and a 1 1/2" opening on the other. NOT A BOX END. Ideally, it would
be about 5/16" thick, but can be up to 3/8" max thickness.
I would be willing to trade a deck of old Las Vegas casino playing cards and
a pair of dice used in one of the old Las Vegas Casinos, like the Sands,
Horseshoe, or Silver Slipper. If you want to just sell it outright, contact
me with the price and payment instructions.
Wrench must be in at least "good" condition, and not bent or distorted.
Weird paintjobs or surface rust okay.
Picture helpful, but not necessary. Remove the NOSPAM from my addy to reach
me. First guy with the goods wins.
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"SteveB" wrote: I would like to buy, beg, or trade for an arbor wrench (clip) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ My e-mail to you bounced. Contact me if you want to talk.
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