WTB- Barker Mill & KT or Equiv Horizontal

I have two customers willing to buy ASAP, one of the small Barker table
top slitting/horizontal mills, and the other wants to buy a horizontal
mill capable of driving 10 .125 saws for fixture sawing of 413 SS parts.
Probably 3-5hp.
Bed 10x 48 is about max size.
A small Cinci, or K&T etc Must be in good running order,with at least
the 1" arbor
Customers are in So. Cal, (Van Nuys/Santa Ana).
Gunner, 805-732-5308
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Gunner, Wasn't there someone here about 4 days ago trying to find home for a Hitachi horizontal mill about the size you want?
Gary H. Lucas
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Gary H. Lucas

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