WTD 8" Faceplate and 10" Steady Rest (or close)

Still looking for an 8" Faceplate with 1-3/4"x8TPI threads
And a 10" steady rest for a Clausing lathe. Can use a steady from a 10"-
12" machine, I could modify the base.
Email me with details if you can help. Thanks guys.
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Marty Escarcega
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--Hey, howzabout starting with one of the tables off of a cheapie drill press? Some are round and about the right size, yes? Worth a trip to HF with a measuring tape anyway, if you want to avoid patternmaking, casting, etc.
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Now Steamer that's a good idea. I need a faceplate for my Logan lathe. Will have to take a look. Gives me some other ideas too. Thanks.
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