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auct: 1 Gb SD cards & Lego Real Robotics RCX 2.0 ($49) Sensors, Motors, cables
Lego Real Robotics Sensors, Motors, cables Just posted on eBay - the SD cards are the last one available. Thanks for looking.
My rcx,motors and other things are for sale
Sorry for posting this here. does anyone have any good links to some nice technic transmissions? Automatic is prefered but I'll take what i can find. After all, I'm going to need them now that im only...
just posted $0.99 Lego Sensors, RCX, IR Tower, Motors, Lamp, etc auction ends sunday
just posted $0.99 Lego Sensors, RCX, IR Tower, Motors, Lamp, etc auction ends sunday Hi, Just posted them on eBay. Will ship internationally. Let me know if you have any questions or need parts not...
Lego Mindstorms 1.5 Robotic Arm Instructions?
I have a Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System (RIS) 1.5 I purchased back in 2001 and am trying to locate the instructions to build the robotic arm. They were originally available by download from...
RIS 2.0 (3804) CD
I have lost my Lego3804 CD. Could someone share ISO image of 3804 CD? Please!!!!
Looking for robosport 9730 and extreme creature 9732 cd´s
Hi. Im a guy from denmark, who are looking for the cd´s to the Lego sets - 9730 and 9732 ( Robosport and extreme creatures). I have tried to contact Lego - but they can not help me. Can anyone help...
FS: 50lbs of legos
$3,000.00+ or 50lbs of highend legos for sale.. have a few motors, many sizes of tires, technic bars, plates,links, etc etc..for dirt cheap Please make any offer via e-mail. You pay shipping.
Looking for Mindstorms retailer in Columbus, OH
Didn't know there was such a club, will have to check it out sometime. Alan
Newbie question about MS 1.5 and Windows XP
Hey, I once have the same problem, I have a bought a upgrade cd at Lego. C. Nielsen Denmark skrev i en meddelelse news:
WinCE-RCX communication.
Hi all, I am trying to get a WinCE PDA to communicate with the RCX for my MSc project. Since the RCX running on brickOS does not support IrDA I will have to write some sort of communication protocol....
Technical problem concerning the microcontroller of the RCX brick
Hi I am a member of a project group at Aalborg University, Denmark, and the goal for our project on this semester is to code an operating system for the RCX brick from Lego. During a whole week, I...
Has anyone worked with Robolab much and, in particular, have you worked with events and (pseudo) parallel processes? Does anyone know any good places to find info as the Lego site doesn't offer a...
50lbs of legos -- some rare
Selling 50lbs of legos, all have been brought within the last 3-4 years....payed over $3,000.00 and only asking MAYBE $600.oo or best offer no offer will go unanswered -- for fastest reply e-mail me....
almost 8 lb Mindstorms Technic and 8 two-motor car bases
sensors, electric cables, pneumatic switch, train tracks, optical cable/wire/flex rod, gears, axles, AND LOTS MORE!
Lego fan's (4sale)(michigan)
I have about 30-40gal's of legos .. I have checked on E-bay to see how much i could get if i broke them down, found 2 rare "shocks (clear)"that someone was asking $24.00 for (2)..found other sets and...