30 taper holders

Sorting out my 30 taper tooling, I've realised I have no face mill capability for the Bridgeport with its QC 30 spindle. By chance I've ended up with a number of 22mm QC30 shell mill holders but no other size and no cutters to fit them. Just on the off chance - I would be very pleased to swap a 22mm holder for a 27mm, with cash adjustment if appropriate. Also interested in other sizes. and/or - would like to buy 22mm bore face/shell mill cutter(s), indexable or HSS, or 27mm QC30 holder. Could even swap a 30int x 27mm holder for the same in QC30.

QC30 tooling is exactly like 30INT, the magic bit is the flange, which is 46mm dia x 8.74mm thick.

I'll be looking around at Harrogate and on ebay, but if anyone here has anything to offer I'll be pleased to hear from them

Cheers Tim

Tim Leech Dutton Dry-Dock

Traditional & Modern canal craft repairs

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