A cautionary tale

It was one of those small jobs that would only take 5 mins.

Weld back together a small metal hanger where the spot had come apart!

Clear some bench and floor space in the garage, get out the MIG and clamp the work in the vice.

Strike the arc and blob on a few welds, them "BANG".

I did not see any flash as the welding screen went dark but a leisure battery sat on the floor next to exploded. I guess that a weld splatter dropped on to the top and burnt through. The Hydrogen gas did the rest.

The area and myself got spayed with acid which meant a very fast dash inside to de-robe and wash followed by several hours washing down and clearing the garage area.

I was lucky in that the welding mask protected my eyes and face

It only takes a few minutes to properly clear an area before welding or any hot work for that matter. I know that I will remember that for a while.




My free news server has gone and Wanadoo or Orange as it is now also does not run one can anyone suggest a good news server free or even min subscription? TAI

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Adrian H
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Oy yoy!

Not good!

Glad you are OK!!

Gonna have to keep on top of the stuff subject to rust out there. I would put money on it that you missed some of the acid.

Take Care!

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

I had the same problem and solved it by adopting broadband. The reason for the change was financial as broadband was cheaper than frequent dial-up via British Telecom, but a side effect was full access to newsgroups.

Cliff Coggin.

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Cliff Coggin

Try Teranews at

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from a one-time $3.95 registration fee its free, fast and has a great number of newsgroups.

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For text newsgroups

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at 10 euros per year is very good.

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Peter Parry

I agree with Peter, I have several newsgroups but the dependable one is always

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I cannot remember when it failed. Almost never & definitely not in the last 12 months.

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Dave Croft

I'm also using teranews. Has it's occasional moments, but can't really complain, as it's far more reliable than my ISPs news server.

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M Cuthill

news.svr.pol.co.uk Seems to be fine at the moment has some binaries (not looked into that side of it much)and its free. Anthony

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Thanks for all replies to original message I am sorted if this posts.


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Adrian Hodgson

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