Andrew Taylor puts his hand in his pocket

To help pay John Bunts legal fees as promised.

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No problem, anything up to 60k if he needs it.

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Andrew Taylor


Don't need it Andrew, I don't have a particularly good credit rating because I have never been in debt of any kind (excluding the usual quarterly utilities of course) and in fact the only debts of any kind even remotely related to these shenanigans is the =A31,000 plus costs Mr Tilley still owes me.

Mr Tilley's injunction (on pain of imprisonment) still stands.

Frankly, I am astounded that these losers are still banging the same empty drum, I really cannot conceive of a life so empty of meaning and worthless that this is still something to worship.

If I was a vindictive man I genuinely could not wish any of them a worse fate than the lives they already have.

As you say in canuckville, "Hosers, eh?"

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Guy Fawkes


The biggest loser in the whole of the SW of England goes by the name of Mr John Bunt..................a man who suggests he is an expert in legal matters, and doesnt seem able to grasp even simple matters of procedure!

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At least the swindler and con artist and mass poisoner Andrew Taylor made enough from his scams to f*ck off to Canada (As did that fine upstanding Devonian entrepreneur the likes of whom England sorely misses

- Jon Down). Bunt never got further out of Exeter than Wonford House.

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Bunt still pisses the bed

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