California Codes

Does anyone know whether the Retailers (High Power Rocket) license
from the California State Fire Marshall is sufficient for selling high
power motors.
They (fire marshall) are tryin to tell me that I need the
Manufacturers, Import, Export and Wholesale license which is $1500.
As I don't plan to manufacture or wholesale, I don't see the
necessity. However, I will have to buy from manufacturers out of state
or from Canada.
According to the regs., a rocket third class must buy from one who has
the Manufac, Import, Export, etc... license. So what is a Retailers
(High Power Rocket) for?
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Jim Myres
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California Fireworks Code says:
"Importer" means any person who for any purpose does any of the following: (a) Brings fireworks into this state or causes fireworks to be brought into this state. (b) Procedures the delivery or receives shipments of any fireworks into this state. (c) Buys or contracts to buy fireworks for shipments into this state.
The complete document is available at
formatting link
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Kevin Trojanowski
Yep, when it comes to pyrotechnics, California considers itself to be a foreign country, so anything brought into the state is referred to as "imported" in the codes.
-dave w
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David Weinshenker
Last year I heard that was the problem.
The country of Kali says you are importing motors from the USA when you buy motors from the HPR manufactures.
As a result, they want to tax you $1500
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Import "from one of the other states" Export "to one of the other states" Manufacture (assemble)
The combined fees were $9000 a year (at the request of the model rocket caucus) from when HPR was adopted in CA (at the request of the Irvine committee, preceeding NAR adoption of HPR or of course NFPA-1127).
It was reduced to a combined $1500 about 2 years ago.
NO other state has such a fee, nor any of the added restrictions CA adds.
The model rocket caucus is most powerful indeed and HATES HPR open admissions) with a passion!
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Jerry Irvine
That I am a leader in the regulatory reform efforts (in my case to reduce them in the face of the "model rocket caucus")
We have all noticed you are (always) in the peanut gallery.
Let's see some of your credentials Brian. You have never posted **any** of those. I have posted MANY over the years.
To quote the state of Missouri: "show me".
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Jerry Irvine
It says nothing about a "model rocket caucus"
It does mention the "fireworks advisory committee"
Do you manufacture fireworks?
The document you cite is dated '87. Besides regularly shipping hazmat illegally, what have you done recently?
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Dave Grayvis
Guess who I referred to the committee?
Chuck Rogers :)
See, you guys are all right. I DO have bad judgement.
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Jerry Irvine
I'm not an apologist, I will always remain neutral in this issue.
But, if as I understand from reading the many posts here that he is protesting the fine, would it not be imperative to refuse to pay it ?
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Really, I don't remember any posting's by "big fine", indicating he had filed suite in federal court to have the assessment reduced or vacated. Did I miss something? If so please point me to it..
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W. E. Fred Wallace
Either way, why are you injecting yourself into this issue? Are you positioning to refute the defense to the fine?
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Jerry Irvine

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