Anyone wiith a paper J&L Industrial catalogue to hand?

I'm after a counterbore, 13/32" diameter 5/16" pilot, preferably with a straight shank.

Page 160 of the J&L online catalogue has the right counterbore IPC-40026M but none of the adjacent pages show the interchangeable pilots. Searching for 5/16" pilots draws a blank too. I was wondering if the paper catalogue was a bit more informative/easy to navigate (as they usually are) and if so could someone tell me the order code.

Alternatively does anyone know of another UK based supplier that carries these in stock and will take credit cards ?

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Martin Evans
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The real catalogue doesnt list them either. Just says the pilot bore is 5/32" I'd just turn a suitable piot up, but then you may not have a lathe?

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Wayne Weedon

You could try Cromwell Tools

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. The website is not that easy to negotiate but giving them a call may well be more productive. Prices are often better from a phone call as well.


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Peter Neill

Looking at their US online catalogue it is different in content. The Euro one looks like its undergone some savage editing. I've found the counterbores and the pilots on a totally different page.

Plugging the part number into the UK catalogue turns up "Not in Catalogue" What's the use of a counterbore with interchangable pilots if you don't sell the bloody pilots?

It's no problem turning one up, I'd just prefer to avoid the hassle!

Cromwell only seem to sell metric counterbores (online anyway) I'll give them a call next week.

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Martin Evans

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