Arbor Press

Anyone know of a source for those cheap Chinese arbor presses? Looking for a

2 ton press on a small budget. I've seen them on ebay in the past but not recently, so they must be around somewhere.

Cheers all.

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Where are you? I've got a ratcheting one which is almost unused, for sale as I've got a bigger press now. I'm in Cheshire, email me if that's of any interest

Cheers Tim

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Tim Leech

J&L have a 2 ton arbor press for £34-05 (not sure if that's small enough), might be worth checking out the web site as it's the kind of thing that is often in there sale brochures.

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Kevin Steele

I got mine from Ringwood Precision Engineering (Roy Chilcott) who was very helpfull.

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James Varga

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