Are we all getting too good?

Andrew has raised the spectre of this group dying, but is it because we#re all getting so good at it in our own workshops that we don't need to seek further advice?

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The day I think I know it all I'll curl up my toes and start making my coffin :) Half the fun in all this is learning new methods and processes


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Andrew Mawson

+1 I don't think there is a day that goes by that I don't learn something new or a slight deviation to what I though was correct.
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I agree, my recent problem with what appears to be a brand new Irwin (Record) vice stumped me, and still does. Such a simple piece of equipment,

2 or 3 working parts, but still don't know exactly why the vice wouldn't tighten up. Only substituting the dog from our broken vice cured problem on new vice, but nothing obvious on dog from new one. Bob
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Of course part of the quietness could be attributable to coffins... ;)

IGMC (Coat, not Coffin) Dave

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dave sanderson

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