Beginner needs help with gaskets

I'm building a 5" gauge 0-4-0 loco, 'Dougal' which has a port block the full
width between the frames. What sort of gasket should I use between the port
block and frames, and between the frames and cylinders. What machining
allowance should I make for it. The only gasket supplier I've
found so far is Reeves who offer a 1/64 gasket sheet.
I'm a beginner, and really not sure what I should be using here. I don't
want to use a gasket paste, silicon or such like - that just seems to go
against the grain.
Many thanks
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Much depends on your frames and how flat they are. If they are gauge plate they will be very flat and the machined surface of the block and cylinder also very flat and no gasket is needed ..... perhaps a thin smear of jointing past only ..... as when fully tightened they should be steam tight. Example is the valve chest of a cylinder block on a traction engines (I have built two) that are metal to metal and steam tight. Give or take the odd very small dribble ......
Have you tried asking in your local model engineering club if there is one?
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Alan Marshall

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