Newbie needs some help with xrefs

I work with CorelDraw but get sent source files in Autocad. Up until
now I have survived with my limited knowledge to get to the point of
exporting in .wmf, to then continue in CorelDraw . This has worked well
so far with 5 minutes or so needed in Autocad. [I am not comparing
Autocad with CorelDraw - two different tools for two different jobs]
My problem is that my source .dwg is too busy and uses xrefs; And I
cant get alternative source.
I need to be able to select only part of the overall .dwg for
exporting, but the xref layer is "grouped" /locked.
Have tried unlocking xref layers and editing but this did not work.
I have tried the xref manager and Bind but this did not work.
I would like to remove all xrefs and have all objects in 1 file which I
can then edit/select.
Can anyone help ?
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Did you know that you can edit xrefs in place with most versions of AutoCAD? This means no mater how many overlays you have you can pick one to edit real time.
Now, to answer your question; You will need to find a coordinate on the screen relevant to each drawing. Open each xref'd drawing separately, copy the entities to your main drawing. This will make your drawing file rather large but it will work. It would be much easier to do while in AutoCAD. xAxis
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