Bernard Manning RIP.

Saw on the news tonight that Bernard manning has died aged 76. Lovely bloke and brilliant comedian who never gave a rats arse about the PC brigade.

The world will be a sorrier place, they should have given knighthoods to him, Alf Garnett, Compo and Animal out the muppets.

If Gods black he's in for a surprise......................


-- Regards,

John Stevenson Nottingham, England.

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John Stevenson
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Couldn't agree more, Dave Englan

-- DCree

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Alf Garnett,

On the basis that the vast majority of people in this, his alleged creation, are not WASP's then there is a more than good chance that your God is indeed coloured. And let's not forget that despite the church's portrayal of his image as pure white Anglo Saxon, his son was undoubtedly an Arab !

Bernard was indeed a lovely man and IMO one of very few succesfull comedians whose need to entertain us did not stem from some deep seated personal fear.

I met him many times profesionally but only a couple of times socially, believe me, your God has nothing to fear.

You might find that the gutter press continue to play on the racism aspect that they have continually associated with the comedian/entertainer we knew as Bernard Manning, those closest to him knew him as anything but a racist. He was a decent, kind & honest man. Bloody good company if you were lucky enough to know him.

The world was a better place with Bernard in it.

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