Bernard W01

Do you recall seeing the Bernard W01 in SE magazine last month? Well, it was me that bought it although I didn't actually collect it until 16th August on my way to go Saxon hall building.

You meet such nice people in this hobby and Tony Frostick is one of them. I think he'll be joining us here quite soon.

The next morning, we dug Bernard out of the car and tried to start it . Nothing doing. After a good deal of plug twiddling, I fitted the Volvo's hub cap lever into the electric drill, plugged it into the genny and put the flat end across the tangs of the starter dog. I think it was so surprised to find itself doing 2,000 rpm, it went anyway!

Once started, it became an easy starter with a bit of string and a stick. It'll need a clean but that's it. Now I need a WO2 and WO3 of course .................

Anyone got a manual or a URL?


Kim Siddorn

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