Bridgeport Tabble drive

Hi Guys,

My friends Bridgeport table drive has packed up. Blows a 10amp fuse. It is the British one with the Erskine thyristor board. I have found that one of the power diodes is short circuit, but I am wondering if any thing else has blown. I see from earlier postings that other people have also had problems with this unit but I have been unable to find a link to a circuit diagram. Has any one got one please or any experience what else might have blown?


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Geoffrey Baxendale
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Presumably you have checked the other diodes? I'd check that the thyristor is not SC too.

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Bob Minchin

Replying to my own post:

On further investigation I couldn't find anything else wrong so I replaced the 10Amp diode and my friend is now a happy man.

I never managed to find a schematic though. :-(


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Geoffrey Baxendale

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