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I need about 30 lengths of 32mm diameter solid Bronze, and about 10 sheets 10g 2m x 1m These are for door handles in a posh dwelling. Question is I only have a small square sample which looks like Brass (yellowy instead of coppery) in a sealed bag that I cannot open,so far the only bronze I can come up with which is available in rod and sheet is PB2.

Any ideas what type of bronze looks Brassy and where is the best place to purchase this very expensive amount of metal.

And yes it must be bronze the Architect said so.

Many thanks


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You certainly have a challenge there as there are so many different familes of bronze, and each have variants in the ratio of composition. Think Copper/tin bronzes if it looks brassy, but there are also silicon bronzes, aluminium bronzes, phosphor bronzes. If it >>must must must

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Andrew Mawson

Probably PB102 not PB2. Commonly used for architectural stuff.

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have it but sheets are only 2' x 4' and nearest to

32mm would be 1 1/4". You could ask for a quote for 2m x 1m. and turn down 1 3/8 " to size.

I would suggest asking the architect for a specification. Not in the hope that he'll know what he wants, but just to be nasty :-)

PS. Whyfor can't you open the sealed bag?

Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand

Some manganese bronzes, as used for marine stuff, are very yellow. Might even be a bit cheaper than phoshphor bronze? I don't know whether you could find them in sheet form.

I think Mark has the answer. Ask the architect

Cheers Tim

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Tim Leech

Is this the same architect who wanted a 30mm cross hole drilling in a

25mm diameter hand rail ?

-- Regards,

John Stevenson Nottingham, England.

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John Stevenson

Thank you for all your replies

I cannot ask the Architect as this sample was provided to them by an their approved metal contractor and is only specified as (company name)satin fniish on real Bronze.

We are manufacturing the job for a third party who is not happy with the quality or service of the approved contractor. Why do I get involveed in these compicated issues, maybe it has something to with the money.

Thanks Dave

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In that case he doesn't know enough, since there are many metals of that name.


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If you know anyone with access to a university or industrial lab with a scanning electron microscope and analysis kit (SEM/EDAX) it should be a fairly quick job to identify the sample. You would have to open the sealed bag though. These days it's sometimes hard to find exact matches to the old British Standard bronzes like PB2, I think most available materials are to DIN specs. Not that this should matter so much in your application but it's sometimes a slight problem if you are trying to replace a gear or a bearing. I don't think the final tarnished colour will vary too much if your composition is fairly close.

On the other hand the spec you have been given is so loose that it wouldn't be unreasonable to buy the material which Mark has so kindly located for you!

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