Chris Edwards

I've just joined this group and apologise if this is considered OT.
I've seen the name Chris Edwards (" deepest darkest Dorset") here a
few times. Way back in the late 1970's I knew a Chris Edwards who
worked in The Modellers Den in Bath. Could this be the same Chris
If it is please email on bill.pudney at to catch up on
the intervening 25 years
Cheers from the wide brown Ashes less land
Bill Pudney
Adelaide, Australia
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Nothing to add really...just wanted to see that line again :)
Regards ( and G' day, Bill )
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Stephen Howard
G'day Bill
Strewth, you the fella what owes me the big bickies? I remember ya doin' ya lolly like a wowser sook and ya skite at the arvo shivoo with that westie grouse sheila Emma Chissit. Ripper tucker and we stowed a few bewt tinnies. Geeze, did she yak, what a willy willy, and you said she'd be apples - drongo!
......and they're OUR bloody ashes anyway - ocker pom - and I'm not even going to think about mentioning the rugby, well, maybe just a little bit!
Best regards --
Chris Edwards (in deepest Dorset) ..."There must be an easier way...!"
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