Chris Heapy

It is concerning that Chris has apparently not been in circulation
since 16th December - I know in recent months he must have been busy
as updates on his site have become less frequent especially around
holiday times, but not as delayed as currently.
Anyone local to him know him personally and know if he is OK? I
believe he lives in Maccelsfield and is a member of the local club.
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Andrew Mawson
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As you mentioned Chris has no been updating the site as frequently as he used to do. He did mention on the site recently that he had been experiencing PC problems.
Lets hope that is all it is, we are going to have a bumper crop of adverts when its up and running!
Ian Phillips
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Ian Phillips
I would add to your request. I have been getting worried about Chris's disappearance since before Christmas, If anyone has a method of contact could they give it a try.
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand
It's been reported in uk.sci.astronomy that he's alive and well but slightly hacked off with the hassles he gets from running the site. So I doubt he's reading email at present.
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Adrian Godwin

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