Est ce que il y a quelqun ici qui parle francais?

Does anyone on the list speak French? I have to by some stuff from eBay
France, and while I have some French, it isn't up to the specialised terms I
need to use. Could you give me a hand offlist?
Or, what's " left hand trapezoidal spindle" (acme studding) in French?
Or, apart from eBay, where can I get some - 2mm pitch, diameter from 10 mm
up to say 16 mm?
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Peter Fairbrother
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from Peter Fairbrother
I've recently been investigating ACME or Trapozoidal lead screw material and found :
formatting link
They quote Left-Hand as available but it may be a longer delivery (nearly said 'lead') time.
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I fear mine is as basic as yours. But I know some German living in France (he's a model engineer). I could ask him to translate your technical terms.
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Nick Mueller
I have a degree in French, 30 years' residence in France and I'm an active model engineer. Does that qualify me?
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Depending on the context, that is what the object in question is used for, it is 'vis d'avance' or 'vis de guidage' (for a lathe leadscrew 'vis-m=E8re') '=E0 filetage acme =E0 gauche'. A google for 'filetage acme' finds dozens of sites. See, I do know although it's not a term I use too often
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Cher Pierre,
Even if I have not any degree in mechanics I guess I can try to bring you some informations and/or translation in French
If you need some basic stuff and want or can buy it in France I guess you will find everything you want chez "WEBER METAUX" en plein Paris depuis 1889, au moins pour ce qui concerne la visserie, les vis mères, les filetages "ISO" les filetages "artilleurs", les paliers, les roulements, les forets, le "métal-blanc" (babbit casting) et tout le reste graphite, composites, fils de bobinages, fils de résistance... Le magasin a été créé avant la signature de l'entente cordiale mais cela ne constituera pas un défaut rédhibitoire je l'espère, c'est le genre de magasin irremplacable!
Et voilà! Bonne soirée, Yves
Fairbrother : beau/bon frère.... meaning "brother in law"
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