FA/FS Harrison Mill for parts or as is???

Some time ago I purchased a Harrison Mill that had a vertical head
with it.
The idea was to use the head with my existing mill to give me more
versatility and I have removed the vertical head.
This leaves me with a second mill that is not required, Autocycle type
with power feed to the table in X axis.
I have been considering exchanging parts between this and my all
manual Harrison but decided that it is not that easy to do and I am
happier with the manual mill.
So does anyone have a requirement for any parts off the Autocycle mill
or anyone want the mill as is. Not bad condition a few cuts to the
table but nothing that stops it being used as normal. It has the over
arm support but is without the bearing end support or an arbour.
Takes 30 int.
Would still be useful as is with a small arbour for some work, but if
anyone out there has a requirement for one please contact me.
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Adrian Hodgson
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