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I've not needed that combination but Glasses4eyes have made glasses for my wife that are outside the limits specified on the website for a modest surcharge. I have been unable to find the name of the guy who runs it from old emails but he is very helpful and I'm sure would try to offer a solution.

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I've not found any online sources of plastic varifocals with astigmatism correction and reactolight features - do you know of one? My last pair cost a packet from Boots and it's really time for a new prescription - I'd just love to have the eye test then walk out with the prescription !


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Bob Minchin
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Until my last test I always got my test done at Boots, but haven't bought my specs there for a long time. I take the prescription to a little place in the next town which does them for a much better price (same requirement as yours). I've never investigated getting them online though.

The 'little place' was taken over a while ago, now does their own test, apparently properly qualified and with some of his gear more up to date than Boots so last time I got the test done there. Of course, he's not quite as cheap as he was :-(


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Tim L

Thanks Bob, I've saved that url for later use !


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Andrew Mawson



Thanks for that Tim. It always amuses me when the Boots girl does the 'puff' glaucoma test on my false eye, gets no response, repeats the test then I say 'you've not read the notes have you !'


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Andrew Mawson

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