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The intended application makes this slightly OT but the group seems to have extensive lubricant knowledge (and purchasing in small quatities). Too late to ring the manufacturers and my "domestic"(2000W) log splitter needs the hydraulic oil topping up. My friendly local farmer has AW32 , 46 & 68 oils available foc to me. The product manual specifies ISO 20 oil in the change/top up section but then specifies SAE 20 in the technical data.

45mins of web searching has informed me that: ISO 20 is the viscosity range of AW22 hydraulic oil ISO is at 40degC SAE is at 100 degC (?) A comparative viscosity classifications table shows SAE 20(crankcase) overlapping ISO VG (viscosity grades) 32,46 & 68

Do I wait until tomorrow or risk mixing in AW32 ? - the oil capacity is 2,4l and I doubt I need more than 1/3 litre. If AW22 is required any suggested sources in small (5l) quantities?


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I would use the 46 or 68 oil, but in the proportions you are anticipating it probably makes bugger all difference :-)

Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand

Something I've never come across is any hydraulic oils lighter than 32. They do exist, but I've never seen anything that uses them, or anybody who has a supply of it.

Personally I'd change the oil to 32 weight, as that's one of the most common hydraulic oils.

As Mark has already said, it won't make that much of a difference, but if in doubt, use the thicker oil. Too thick an oil will just cause the system to heat up, whereas too thin an oil can do irreversible damage.

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