I'm buying a HobbyMat MD65

This will be my first lathe . I only want it for smallish work . Can anyone advise me on weither this is a good lathe . I want to be able to lathe various types of metal , are there any limitations on the materials I am able to work with it ? I also want to cut threads on it and need to know how easy it is to get hold of any attachments to do this . Do all MD65s come with a mill attachment point as standard ? Can I get parts easily ? Any other tips or advice will be appreciated before I go ahead and buy it.

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Hi Stuart,

Yes it is a good lathe. It has limitations, but they all do. If it comes with all its original bits it is a versatile bit of kit.

Not really. BUT if you intend to turn stainless steel over about 25mm diameter the slow speed kit is a good idea. Slow speed kit gives 75 rpm as opposed to the standard

250 rpm minimum speed.

None needed, the lathe comes with change wheels which give most common pitches of threads.

Yes if you mean the tappings in the bed plate. But the column mounting comes with the mill head not the lathe. The lathe does come with an angle plate, vice and tee slotted table which means that light milling is quite possible.

As far as spares go Essel Engineering still carry a full range of reasonably priced spares and accessories.

Find a copy of the original advert which lists all the bits it should have, if any are missing get the price reduced.

Regards Colin Docherty

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Colin Docherty

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