IME Watchmakers lathe eBay item 250178741171

Hi Chaps,
I'm auctioning my IME 8mm watchmakers lathe on eBay. The item number
is 250178741171 and I've attached the auction blurb below if anyone's
The starting price is =A3150 withno reserve so you could pick up a
Contrary to what I wrote in the original item description, I *can*
accept PayPal payment for this item.
You are bidding for an IME 8mm Watchmakers lathe, in original box in
absolutely superb condition. It comes complete with 16 collets,
tailstock, retracting (lifting) hand rest and a leather drive belt.
(Note Motor not supplied). There is an excellent description of this
lathe at
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if you are
I bought this lathe at an auction in a weak moment and was told it
never been used. It certainly looks to be in excellent condition,
though the box is a little battered. I have not used it either,
this auction ! I do not know if the collets are original equipment
a later addition but there are 16 of them in a variety of sizes. The
photos give a better description than I can but I will be glad to
answer any questions you may have if I possibly can. If you require
more detailed photos of any aspect then please ask and I'll try to
some up on a website somewhere.
No reserve, and low =A3150 initial bid so pick up an absolute bargain !
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Hi Mike
I'm also Brighton based and would be interested in local pick up if won it. Approximately where are you in Brighton?
-- Myford Mat ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Myford Matt's Profile:
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Myford Matt
Hi Matt,
Email me via the eBay auction number (250178741171) (don't reply to this email address 'cos it's not one I use for anything except usenet).
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