Loctite ?

Anyone used those paste type loctite sticks like a pritstick?
I get through a fair deal and the normal bottles are always getting
gunged up and blocked.
Just seemed a decent way to apply this stuff if it works.
Comments, flames, bricks etc welcomed.
John Stevenson
Nottingham, England.
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John Stevenson
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FWIW we use the Loctite 270 threadlock a fair bit, and find that if you leave the top off, it doesn't congeal in the nozzle.
Also we buy the large bottle rather than the tiddly little ones, the price is a lot cheaper in bulk, although there is a higher initial outlay.
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Peter A Forbes
We used to use a dispenser from EFD (
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)in an old assembly line. I'm not suggesting you use one of these as thay are stupidly expensive for what they are (a timed compressed air valve to a syringe head), but the good thing was that they had disposable plastic tips. The end of each tip could be cut-back several times to clear the blockage before they had to be replaced. Might be worth considering.
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Peter Neill
I usually squeeze some air out of the bottle before I use it so tha
when I stand the bottle up again, the stuff in the nozzle tends to ge sucked back in.
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