Whitworth Spanner

Hello all,

There's a long and tedious story behind this, and it's not even a funny one (unless you know the chap involved).

I need a large Whitworth spanner.

I'm not fussed at all as to the actual size, it just has to be *large*. No, *LARGE*. And Whitworth. That's important too.

Anyone got one cluttering up their toolbox, that they'd be prepared to part with for a relatively small number of beer tokens?

I'm more than happy (obviously) to collect (if possible), or pay postage and packing.


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Nigel Eaton
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Ring or open end?

-- Regards,

John Stevenson Nottingham, England.

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John Stevenson

In article , John Stevenson writes

Not fussy mate! (But you knew that...).

It's a joke present for a mate.

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Nigel Eaton

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Pierian Spring

How about

ebay item 7566303705

He seems to have a few of these, shouldn't think it will go for much more than the start price.

Some of us still pay good money for Whit spanners :-(


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Tim Leech

Especially big ones - we still use them.


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Charles Ping

In article , Tim Leech writes

Thanks Tim, that was perfect! (Why didn't I think of Ebay?).

A friend has bought it, and the gag is now fully set up.

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Nigel Eaton

When you say 'big'..how big...and how much do they go for generally?

I only ask because I often see these things at the local tip, nestling in old, rusty toolboxes. Not having any use for them myself I tend to pass them by, but if people are prepared to stump up beer tokens for them I might start salvaging them.


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Stephen Howard

You must let us know the story when the sting has stung

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