Marlow milling Machine

Hello. I have a Marlow vertical milling machine that needs assembling - does anyone else have one?,The back gear has been removed and I'd love a picture of the standard set up for reference.The spindle has taper roller bearings - do these need to have a pre-load as my motorcycle wheel bearings do or just need to have the slack removed. I also need to turn up some leadscrew nuts - a 5 TPI Acme thread - any idea where I can look for a boring tool to suit?. There also a couple of chunks out of the bed where it looks like someone has gone a little O.T.T when clamping and pulled the T nuts through, can the cast iron bed be built up with weld? Cheers for now.

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Drop me aline off list with a working e.mail address and I will see if I can help.


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